Monday, April 4, 2016

4 Tips to Consider Before Hiring an Inspirational Keynote Speaker

Inspiration is an important quality to be considered in a keynote speaker and it consists of passion, bravery and presence of mind. These entire combine together to form a speaking engagement that gives audience hope, stirs their heart and give them optimism to live a better life. An inspirational keynote speaker is one that causes attendees to walk away saying “wow.” Before hiring a keynote speaker for an event, you should consider the following points:

1.       A desire to interact with the audience: A live speech has an advantage over a recorded speech, as audience can be easily affected by the energy in the room. People who attend the live concert and later view it on television can tell that living room experience can’t stack up to the live experience. An inspirational keynote speaker has an incredible opportunity of talking to audience before, during and after his speech. Nothing seems more impactful as face-to-face connection. Before hiring a keynote speaker, remember to ask about his interactivity with the audience both inside and outside of his speech.

2.       Speaker should be inspirational both on and off the stage: An inspirational speaker should live an exemplary life, if he wants people to trust his advice. Generally we see that keynote speaker doesn’t walk his talk. If we search on Google we find that an SEO speaker doesn’t have his website ranked for any keywords, a happiness expert gets horrible debates on public forums, or a sales speaker seems to be hurting for new business. Do complete research before hiring a speaker as your audience deserves a speaker who truly lives his message.

3.       Sincerity: A speaker cannot be inspirational if he is arrogant, uninterested in his audience and emotionally distant. Speaker can be impressive but not inspirational, so it is important to know a potential keynote speaker before hiring him. Speaker should be down to earth and feel excited to share his message with the audience. There is no quality more refreshing and relatable than earnestness.

4.       A message that lasts: The best inspirational keynote speakers give speech that lasts for long. Their speech is like a nutritious meal that gives you energy, make your healthier, entertain you for around 45 minutes and then leave you wanting more. Before hiring a speaker you should watch the videos of their speeches and look for real take-away. Look for specificity and seriousness in the speaker as these are the signs that have lasting effect on their audiences.

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